Global Goal Getters – For young people

Effective sustainable new leadership: “The world’s young professionals are seeking passion. Passion for their futures, passion for their work, passion for what they can do to protect the environment. How can we guide this new generation of professionals into channelling their values, passion and commitment into working together for a sustainable future?


If we are to succeed at creating global awareness and engagement with banks, companies and waste management, we need to embrace this power – of the internet and social media technologies – to ensure that GLOBAL GOAL GETTERS, is truly ground-breaking and transformative. We need to look ahead twenty years, to the possibility of linking the world’s young people for greater change – not back twenty years to the old way of doing things.

Global Citizen Project believes:

  • There is an urgent need to change education (teachers and students)
  • There is an urgent need to support the youth and to find new ways to sustainable work and entrepreneurship.
  • There is an urgent need to empower the youth.

The aim of these programmes is to encourage and develop the young peoples own skills and awareness to help support them in their transition into employment. The programmes are based on developing:

1. Self-awareness

Understanding their own values and finding a purpose in life; understanding how heart, mind and body language is inherently connected to finding the thing that they really love and are motivated by in life.

Young people are in the search to find themselves through:

♥: Learning to connect and manage emotions, manage self.

♦ Mind: Understanding values and beliefs.

♠ Body: Managing stress, fear and attention.

2. Self – Responsibility, based on these questions:

  • How do I relate to others?
  • How do I behave in team building? Team work?
  • How do my thoughts and actions affect others?
  • How do I take responsibility for my life and what I really want?

3. Self- Leadership- My impact on the world:

 What do I love? 

 What are my skills?

 What are my responsibilities?

 How do my actions affect the world?

For more information on Global Goal Getter -G3 programme, please contact. Web currently in Spanish only.

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