More self-trust, self-esteem and self-confidence needed in social media

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Do you know yourself and dare to be different?

Today we read more often about how bad young people are feeling and almost nobody do anything about it. Instead, most make money on them and look at them as targets. It is basically about a cynical manner in which they are seen as objects rather than individuals with basic human needs.

In school, for example, it often seems the students must perform related to what is important to their teachers and their jobs not to learn to create their own future as independent individuals and stand up for themselves. They are looked upon from a collective perspective and compared with other students instead of their unique abilities and interests. This means they take on a role to please and adapt to others. An equation that allows them to easily fall off, one day inside and the next outside the “inner circle”.

Peach or Egg?

Most people walk around like a big egg ie with a hard shell outside (self-confidence ) and if knocking a hole on it the egg white (self-esteem) and yolk (self-confidence) poor out directly. Self-trust comes from childhood because we are precious for just being born and don’t have to prove anything. Self-esteem comes when we learn to manage and understand our emotions and have got a good impulse control. Confidence is when we dare to express what we feel and think no matter what others think of us as individuals.

To be like a peach means we are in a state of complete trust in ourselves just by being there, the core is very hard. The self-esteem, flesh is firm as when we can control our emotions and understand why they plays with us sometimes and we have better impulse control. The shell is tough and will not break regardless of the resistance we encounter, and a good self-confidence allows us to choose our own way and adapt to whatever the situation.

Recently, reports have been published which show that 1 of 5 boys 14-17 years in the United States have ADHD and they are concerned that they can not afford to pay for their medications. This is a terrible attitude which means that medications advocated instead of finding out the cause and process it instead, but it’s about money, big money! As for the girls have fashion Agencies attempted to recruit new models outside anorexia clinics in Stockholm. In both cases it is about the symptoms and not someone cares about root causes. Both the pharmaceutical industry and most of the fashion industry lacks values and visions for otherwise we would not see this hunt on their target groups.

Social media and create a better future

In recent years, the climate has become increasingly tough between young people and the community where bullying increased. It is also reflected on the internet and we have seen more and more who feel so bad that they use a terrible language against each other and adolescents have shot down schoolmates and teachers, and have taken their own lives. Some blame the computers and social media to make young people blunted and not physically meet one another. But it is about that they live in another world where no one cares about them and their daily lives, not about the technology itself. Some are escaping into the games world, etc. and get stuck but that are just symptoms.

To be fed daily with youth unemployment, no company wants to hire passivated youth with lost confidence and a willingness to beg for a job. Many young people know the futility and losing confidence. It’s the same with the older generation and immigrants from the labor market who are competing for the same jobs. There is simply not a good match of need and demand, causing frustration and the hopelessness grows.

This is where I see that we can help each other and together create new opportunities through social media. Not anyone should feel left out and what is needed is creative centers where people come together to create ideas for the future. The experience gained in the older working age, immigrants with international experience and young people’s natural curiosity sets the stage for a whole new dynamic in which social media is the possibility to enable them to reach out to many . But social media is just a tool and does not replace the physical meetings but is a complementary.

Examples of activities can be anything from projects to help businesses become more innovative to lift into the reality of the classroom so that students can expand their networks much earlier. I am seeking doers who see the opportunities and want to help create creative centers where everyone is given the opportunity to participate on the basis of social needs and their own interests. All change starts with ourselves and I can with my network and partners help us to create the change that is needed in the community to create the trust and confidence that is needed.

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