The Global Citizen Project offers Intercultural Communication, People and Leadership Skills,  and Life – Work – Relationship Coaching.

My passion is to help anyone to step into leadership while opening the mind for “the” other  and other cultures.

Leadership is a conscious choice and starts with Self.

Vision:  A World of Understanding, Respect, Sustainable International Collaboration and Empowering the Youth.
  • Fostering a greater global awareness & inter-cultural understanding
  • Helping young people today across Europe to find their mission, to become leaders in their own right
Values: Effective sustainable leadership is achieved through 3 aspects:
  1.  Awareness of Self – leading self (managing stress, fear)
  2.  Ability to connect to others – rapport bldg., trust, sharing, letting go (Incl. a Cultural De-conditioning at individual level)
  3. Ability to transform. Connection to the world.

Strategy: Inter-connectivity is the major factor in success nowadays, stopping the reactiveness we have created and being used to (over the past decades.)

The BEING OF THE LEADER is the dimension enabling others.

The Global Citizen Project offers talks and workshops internationally.